Monday, September 26, 2011

Laughing Stock

Sometimes I feel like the "laughing stock" of the town. I think mostly it comes from hauling these three little kiddos around everywhere I go. David has been gone a lot recently and between Ava's "mothering" of Aidan (anyone noticed that she likes that blue Mickey shirt?... if not, take a look back though the last couple of posts), everyone's opinions and spunk, and the craziness of life (I know everyone has it), I feel a little out of control. It could be when Aidan stepped into a hot tub at swimming lessons fully clothed to the boots, or went running back and forth through a huge mud puddle about 20 times, or maybe the four new scars he has on his face from the last two months...I think actually I just forgot what it means to have an (almost) two year old. This too shall pass... and I know I will miss it when it does.

Aidan...yes that is a black eye under that flour

Aidan our sweetie

Laundry Room Floor- this is what happened to David at 1 am when he was packing for his joint trip to DC/Switzerland after getting back the day before. I had used this Costco sized container of Tide 2 times... at least there was still enough for a couple of loads after all was said and done.

Ava's first day of school- she is loving it. She loves to tell everyone she plays the violin and speaks French, Yes, she learns both at her school, but I am pretty sure she hasn't really played yet and isn't quite fluent in French :) just yet.

After rock climbing this summer- Ethan easily made it to the top and Ava almost did- her first time- the girl has no fear.

Ethan's first day of school- loving it as usual. He likes his teacher, friends and is a happy boy unless he has to practice the piano with me :)

Swimming Champions- Ethan and Ava took swimming lessons this year. They give all the kids medals and announce them as "champions". You would have thought they were in the Olympics!!!

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Amanda said...

Yay! Pictures! I miss you all! What a cutie that Aidan is. Everyone is growing up so fast!