Thursday, August 31, 2017

Sionara!!!! From Draper to Tokyo

We have lived in Draper for almost 16 years...16!!! When I was 12, I remember thinking that I really would never turn 16,there would never really be a drivers license or dating, it was just too far away. But it happened, quite a while ago actually. And now we have lived in this small, quainT lotto city for nearly 16 years and the t feels like it! We know our neighbors, people at the school, people at church and the cashiers at Harmons and Smiths. We know the soccer coaches, parents and players. The best teachers. We have dear friends, acquaintances, new friends and older long time friends. It is our town and the only one we have known since ee became... well, we! But we our about to make a change...a temporary one, but a big big temporary one. We are taking this sweet family of ours and uprooting everything we know- except our family unit. New school, new house, new friends, new ward, new teachers and stores and schools and food and language and country!!!!! Sometimes I think, what was I thinking?!!! But most days I think, "bring on the adventure and growth-let's see what we're made of!"

Monday, September 26, 2011

Laughing Stock

Sometimes I feel like the "laughing stock" of the town. I think mostly it comes from hauling these three little kiddos around everywhere I go. David has been gone a lot recently and between Ava's "mothering" of Aidan (anyone noticed that she likes that blue Mickey shirt?... if not, take a look back though the last couple of posts), everyone's opinions and spunk, and the craziness of life (I know everyone has it), I feel a little out of control. It could be when Aidan stepped into a hot tub at swimming lessons fully clothed to the boots, or went running back and forth through a huge mud puddle about 20 times, or maybe the four new scars he has on his face from the last two months...I think actually I just forgot what it means to have an (almost) two year old. This too shall pass... and I know I will miss it when it does.

Aidan...yes that is a black eye under that flour

Aidan our sweetie

Laundry Room Floor- this is what happened to David at 1 am when he was packing for his joint trip to DC/Switzerland after getting back the day before. I had used this Costco sized container of Tide 2 times... at least there was still enough for a couple of loads after all was said and done.

Ava's first day of school- she is loving it. She loves to tell everyone she plays the violin and speaks French, Yes, she learns both at her school, but I am pretty sure she hasn't really played yet and isn't quite fluent in French :) just yet.

After rock climbing this summer- Ethan easily made it to the top and Ava almost did- her first time- the girl has no fear.

Ethan's first day of school- loving it as usual. He likes his teacher, friends and is a happy boy unless he has to practice the piano with me :)

Swimming Champions- Ethan and Ava took swimming lessons this year. They give all the kids medals and announce them as "champions". You would have thought they were in the Olympics!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Funny Phrases

Fireworks... multiple times!!! Love the new aerial fireworks!

Great job Ethan!!!

Ava doing a "kick over"

David's Birthday!!!

We were at a friend's house the other day making snow cones and I was assigned to work on some shaved ice that had been in the freezer. I couldn't quite get it all soft and loose and said to our hostess, "I have one chunk that is being stubborn." Ethan walked up and said, "Who... who mom who, are you talking about me, am I the chunk that's being stubborn" - completely serious. I laughed... out loud in fact, and that takes a lot, ask David.

Tonight at the dinner table Ethan turned and said "Who kinda stinks, was it you Mom?". I looked at him in wonder and we figured out in reality he said, "Who got us drinks, was it you Mom?".

We are having such a fantastic summer. Of course there are far too many chores that don't get done, and things are definitely not perfect around here, but I kind of want to cry thinking of school starting again. I just love this time, it is so fun. We have done some fun adventures this summer: Mrs. Field's cookie tour, Gateway fountains, swimming, splash pads, water-skiing, hiking, Thanksgiving Point, David's parents coming home, fireworks, birthdays, Trio, and having fun with friends and family. To think about all the craziness that comes with school... I think they could probably learn all the same things in 4-5 hours a day, or 4 days a week...

Ethan is currently swimming in soccer- he has a tournament this week, one next week and finished his first one at the end of July- they took 2nd!!! Some of the kids looked like they were going to cry coming off the field, but not Ethan, he was ecstatic to get a medal! He is doing piano as well. Ava is doing gymnastics and soccer starts in 10 days! She wants to do dance and take piano, and I want her in swimming lessons... what to do, what to do. Aidan, well, he is just happy whenever he is with Gunga (Grandma or Grandpa) or when he has a cookie or cracker. He is starting to talk up a storm and has become quite opinionated in his 20 months. He makes everyone happy all of the time. As for David and I, we are coming up on 10 years at the end of the month. He sure puts up with a lot from me, but I couldn't be happier. Any suggestions for 10 year anniversaries... gifts or events???

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Gotta Love em'

On the freeway:

Mom: Aren't you guys glad we aren't on that side of the freeway, going the other direction?
Ethan: Why?
Mom: Because they are stopped, there must have been an accident, on one is moving at all!
Ava: Do you think it was a number one and number 2 accident? (completely serious)

Ethan and Mom: LOL

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Random...or just the usual

Life is good. Things have been CRAZY around here, like they are for almost everyone out there. It is with all good things, but it makes me wonder. I think about whether or not I am spending my time the way I REALLY want to. What is more important, gymnastics and kindermusik, piano and soccer, or playing a game together as a family and having free time to let your kids imaginations run wild?

Anyway, we have had a crazy life lately. On December 11 (wow, I can't believe it has been that long ago), I discovered that our dishwasher had been leaking (no Noth, I will not bring the mushrooms for the 3rd Sunday) and the following Saturday we left to Minnesota. We had a company come clean up the mess, and as of last Friday, our kitchen is finally put back together. We had to have about half of our lower cabinets replaced, floor, countertops and sink. We also have had the entire house painted- it will be finished tomorrow!!!! I love it. I am realizing now that the ALL WHITE walls, were probably not too good on the psyche. I am however loving our updated look- now we just need to do the cabinets (get them painted), carpet, railings, and a few key pieces of furniture (thank goodness David never looks at this blog!).

Here are a few shots of the last month or so:

Here is Miss Ava, the elf, helping at Zone Conference in Minnesota. The other day we had two plumbers hooking up our faucet. I was on the phone and came out as I knew Ava would be chattin' it up with any workmen. I asked if she was behaving herself and the one said, "Oh she is just telling us we are bald." I lightly scolded her (shame on me) and went into the other room to get off the phone. When I returned I heard the same plumber say, "Well maybe I am fat, but he's not", then turning towards me he said, "she is wondering if it is because we drink coffee, maybe we should change the subject." Oh Ava, nothing like that girl to brighten or ruin someone's day. She is always keeping me on my toes, or letting me know when I have been far too flat footed.

Ethan Man took 2nd place in his school spelling bee out of the 1st-2nd graders. The kid loved spelling the words out loud, and was so excited, it was really fun to watch him. He is still playing soccer and we are thinking about starting him in piano. Junior Jazz is about to end, and we can't have any free time now can we... (see above).

Love my little family. This is Christmas day, we were able to attend a baptism in Minnesota of a great family with four children. It was awesome!

Aidan turned one!!!! The sweetest little guy who is starting to get very opinionated!!! He and Ethan share a room now and Aidan woke Ethan up every morning and Ethan pulled him into bed to play!! Conspirators, those two early birds- it was 6:20 am)! I am not sure about this room sharing thing with Aidan, but hey, the paint colors had to be boy and girl, so Ethan and Ava were no longer able to share ;) Aidan started walking within the last couple of weeks and loves to walk back and forth. He also loves to empty everything out of anything he can get his hands on and spends way too much time in the toilet. If anyone has suggestions on teaching older kids how to flush the flippin' thing, I may pay you for this bit of advice and my children will be grateful of of their days- all of them for different reasons of course.

Happy January!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

A Native American :), BatGirl, a Tiger and a Jack O' Lantern... oh wait that's Ethan. Here is what we looked like on Halloween... ya David and I were kind of lame in the dressing up department this year. Happy Fall!!!!

Aidan- 11 months

I hardly post about Aidan, but considering he is the one who changes the most, I just wanted to catch up on him. Aidan will be 11 months old this week. He has eight teeth, pulls up on everything and pushes walking toys around. If he is ready for a nap or bed, I put him in his bed with his blanket, walk out and shut the door. It is a rarity that I hear a sound come from his room. He is sweet and tolerant of pretty much everyone and everything unless that "everyone" happens to be his 4 year old sister who is treating him like a stuffed doll. But he adores her almost more than anyone because of the attention she gives him. He refuses to wave or clap but thinks it is hilarious when other babies wave and clap, and when he gets overly tired, he usually gets the giggles.

Love this BABY!!!